Dear Parishioners at St Bernard’s and Our Lady and St Peters,

For more than ten years now we have run at St Bernard’s, a Winter Appeal for the Open House. Increasingly we have also received donations from our friends at Our Lady and St Peters. Our thanks go to everybody who helped us exceed our goal of £1000.000. The message below shows first-hand the impact of your generous support.

 Mike Goodwin for SVP St Bernard’s

“Thank you again to the congregation of St. Bernard’s for their committed and invaluable support. We have been blessed to receive a life-changing donation from them for the many years now.

This year’s donation could not come at a more critical time. We are currently experiencing a high number of people who are having to sleep rough and anticipate that this number will rise as the financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic really hit home. As the weather changes becoming colder and wetter, sleeping bags and flasks can genuinely save lives.

Helping the homeless and disadvantaged is something we are proud to do but we cannot do it without help and St. Bernard’s, with their ongoing support, are a key part of our team. You should be proud of the role you play in our work and the difference you make to people who are at their most vulnerable.

On behalf of our team, and all of the people who will benefit from your kindness and generosity, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Kind regards,

Glenn Stubbs
Deputy Director – Crawley Open House

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