A key purpose of the parish’s Confirmation Preparation Programme is to enable our young people to find out more about Confirmation. By participating in the programme they are showing a willingness to find out more, but doing so does not commit them to being confirmed. The programme enables more informed decisions on that later.

Confirmation preparation 2022:

For young people in Year 10 or above during the 2021-22 school year

Some key dates:
Information / Introduction session: 3.30-5.30pm Sun 23rd January 2022
Key weekend sessions: Fri eve 11th March to Sun 13th March 2022
Confirmation day: date not yet known

Previous feedback:

Some feedback from young people in a recent previous year:

“It’s a truly amazing experience, nothing like I have ever been part of before, a good opportunity to meet new and old friends. All the catechists are very lovely and welcoming and are happy to help with absolutely anything.”

“It was a lot better than I initially expected.”