Confirmation preparation 2024:

For young people in Year 10 or above during the 2023-24 school year.

A key purpose of the preparation programme is to enable our young people to find out more about Confirmation and what it means for their lives. By participating in the programme they are showing a willingness to find out more, but doing so does not commit them to being confirmed. The programme enables them to make a more informed decision on that later.

Some key dates:

  • Information / Introduction session for the young people: Sunday 14th January 2024, 3.30pm
  • Information session for parents and carers: Thursday 18th January, 8pm
  • Key weekend session: 5pm Friday 19th April to 2.30pm Sunday 21st April

Click below for an information sheet and application form

Previous feedback:

Some feedback from young people in recent previous years, mainly about the weekend sessions:

“It’s a truly amazing experience, nothing like I have ever been part of before, a good opportunity to meet new and old friends. All the catechists are very lovely and welcoming and are happy to help with absolutely anything.”

“It was a lot better than I initially expected.”

“Spending time together was good, funny and positive”

“It was good to hear and express different opinions”

“It was fun as well as informative”

“I liked the opportunity to ask ANYTHING I understand more about the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit”

“It made Jesus feel close to me – more like a friend than an authority figure”