St Vincent de Paul Society, The SVP

Founded in Paris by Blessed Frederic Ozanam (1813-1853) in 1831, to offer assistance to disadvantage people, the Society has grown to a worldwide Catholic organisation of over 800,000 members.

In the UK there are 1000 local groups know as Conferences.

The Parish of East Grinstead has two Conferences one at Our Lady and St Peter’s with about 8 members their president is Peter Wells, also the Chairman of our Denary Conferences , and one at St Bernard’s with a membership of 12, Enrique Valles is the President.

The SVP Nationwide operates from six platforms for example ‘visiting’ in the Spirit of our founder. The Conference at Our Lady and St Peter’s is particularly active in this area recording hundreds of visits per year. The Conference at St Bernard’s focus’ more on Fund raising, for in particular, the Sudan Appeal and the Homeless, in recent years they have been able to raise in excess of £8,000/annum.

If you are interested in learning more go to if you would like to join the SVP locally Peter and Enrique, both well known in their parish communities will be pleased to talk to you.

Peter Wells email: [email protected]

Enrique Valles email: [email protected]