Masses this week

Sat 6.15pm Reginald Bond RIP (1st anniv)
Suzanne Henderson RIP
Eric & Hermia Frantz RIP
Sun 10.30am Deceased relatives & friends of The Forbes Family RIP
Mon 9.30am Good estate of Susima Schoner
Tues 9.30am Good estate of Jim Fitzpatrick
Wed 9.30pm Patrick Conway RIP
Margaret Gillen RIP
Josie McMillan RIP
Thurs 9.30am Francis Brassington & Family RIP (fm)
Fri 10.00am
Womens Day of Prayer
Sat 9.30am No Mass

Masses next weekend

Sat 6.15pm Josie & Eamonn Tuke RIP
Deceased members of Byrne & Hickland Families RIP
Sun 10.30am Fr. Kevin Gaskin RIP (fm)
William Hughes RIP (1st anniv)
Mary Kutty RIP

Reconciliation (Confession)

East Grinstead 10.00am – 10.30am, 5.30pm – 6.00pm
Lingfield 8.15am – 8.45am

SICK/HOUSEBOUND VISITS – requests for visits and for Holy Communion in the Lingfield area – contact Deacon Ted.

ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT – “Exposition takes place every Friday morning at Our Lady & St Peter’s between 09:00-1:00pm. Come let us adore Him.”

REFRESHMENTS – Everybody is cordially invited for refreshments after Sunday Mass at both St Bernard’s and Our Lady & St Peter’s churches.

WILLS & BEQUESTS – The Parish has benefited greatly in the past from the thoughtfulness of parishioners who have nominated the parish to receive funds from their estate. Please consider it.

GIFT AID OFFERINGS/DONATIONS – can be taken out at anytime throughout the year. It is a valuable source of additional income for the parish with no extra cost to the parishioners.

HOLY WEEK WARNING –  Parking will be difficult on Good Friday & Easter Eve as the Flying Scotsman is in town.  Come early.

PARISH LENT PROJECT –  as has become the tradition, this is to raise money for the sick and frail to go to Lourdes on The Diocesan Pilgrimage, alongside helping our young people to go as Helpers.  Boxes will be available at the back of church.

LENT BOXES  –  Lourdes Parish Fund.  Thank you.

ASH  WEDNESDAY –  Beginning of Lent.
Masses:      9.30am & 8pm  OLSP.

1ST HOLY COMMUNION CHILDREN  –  1ST Reconciliation – Saturday St. Bernard’s.

NEXT SUNDAY –  1ST Holy Communion Children receive their Crucifixes.

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT –  runs from 27 February until 12 March.  There will be banners flying from all churches in EG, at St Peter’s School, and on Town Council railings.  Please try to buy Fairtrade goods from local shops, supermarkets and Fairtrade Stalls.  In this way you can help farmers and producers in developing countries, who produce the food we eat and drink, to provide education and medical facilities for their families.  Two events coming up:

Thursday 9th March in Pulborough – 7pm – Fairtrade West Sussex AGM with guest speaker, Greg Valerio, activist for Fairtrade gold and jewellery and founder of Valerio Jewellery.

Fairtrade Lingfield and Dormansland has a Fairtrade Quiz at 7.30pm Saturday 11th March at the Community Centre.  Tickets £8.  Teams of 8.  Further details of all events from  or Sue Joy. EG 835190.
Booking for Quiz:  [email protected]

Together in EG AGM and pancakes – 7pm Shrove Tuesday 28 February at St Swithun’s church with a guest speaker from Tearfund and Fairtrade stall.

WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER –  Friday 3 March “Am I being Unfair to you?”  The service has been prepared by the Women of the Philippines and appropriately Our Lady and St. Peter’s will be hosting it at 10.30am and 8pm.  Everyone  welcome.  Refreshments after each service.

MUSICAL CONCERT –  at Worth Abbey on Sunday March 5th at 7.30pm. Works include Haydn’s St Nicholas

Mass performed by the Choral Society.  More information to follow.

RECENT SECOND COLLECTIONS  – Thank you for your generosity in recent second collections: SPUC White Flower Appeal, £684; Lourdes Pilgrimage Fund, £730; Catholic Association for Racial Justice, £444.

SUNDAY, 12TH MARCH – PARISH SPRING LUNCH – at St. Bernard’s Church Hall, gathering from 12.30pm for lunch at 1.00pm.  All arrangements will be as for the previous lunches: soft drinks will be provided but please bring your own alcoholic drinks; pre-booking is not required – just come along if you wish; there is no charge but there will be a voluntary donations basket.  Everyone is welcome – from all corners of the parish.

SAINSBURY’S ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHERS –  are now “active” again.  Any vouchers brought to church will be gratefully accepted and passed to St Peter’s School.

CHRISTIAN  MEDITATION GROUPS – EAST GRINSTEAD AND WORTH ABBEY –  In East Grinstead our weekly meetings are held each Thursday from 7.30-8.30pm in the Parish Centre (WEATHER PERMITTING).  In Worth Abbey, meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 7.45 until 8.45 in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.  For further details of dates, please see leaflet at back of church.  For more information please contact Gabrielle Joyce on 01342 326118.

ARUNDEL & BRIGHTON DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO LOURDES –  27th July to 4th August 2017 – online applications will be open soon – check the Pilgrimage website for details  Pilgrims requiring any level of medical, nursing or carer assistance, or those without access to the internet, should contact the Pilgrimage Office direct for a paper application form on 01403 740110.”

A THOUGHT  –  Accepting refugees:  a noble British Tradition.

1535-60  5,000 Flemish refugees flee religious persecution.
1685-1700  50, Huguenots escape French massacres.
1780-1800    Aristocrats and Catholics flee French Revolution.
184-80   Refugees from revolutions and crackdowns including Karl Marx and Victor Hugo.   1880-1914  are 200,000 Eastern European Jews given sanctuary from Pogroms.
1914-18   250,000 Belgians arrive.
1937   4,000 Basque children escape the Spanish Civil War.
1930-1938   100,000 refugees from Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Denmark & Norway.  1939-50   250,000 Poles came to the UK, escaping the Nazis and later The Communists.
1945-60  50,000 flee USSR, Romania and Czechoslovakia.
1956  21, Hungarians escape Soviet clampdown on uprising.
1972  28,000 Asians expelled from Uganda.
1973-79  3,000 Chileans flee Pinochet.
1975-92   24, Vietnamese refugees settle in the UK.
1992-96   2,500  Bosnians granted temporary stay.
1995-99   4,000 Albanias from Kosova, granted temporary stay.
Since 1980  –  people from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Cyprus, Iran, Afghanistan, Irag, Ghana, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, Somalia, Turkey, Sudan, Angola, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Kenya, Algeria, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Columbia and fewer Eastern European countries.
And let’s not forget the Irish Famine are the economic migrants from the West Indies.

EG Foodbank –  requiries donations of the following Long life milk (green) 1 litre cartons, shampoo and conditioner (both male and female), both male and female tissues –  small (packets and boxes), small packs of toilet rolls (2 and 4 Packs), pasta sauce, tinned meat – hotdogs and meatballs, tinned carrots and tinned peas.  Please leave at church or take to Jubilee Community Centre in Charlwood Road.

CRAWLEY OPEN HOUSE –  is desperately short of blankets, sleeping bags and flasks to give to homeless people who turn up at the door when it is full.  Toilet rolls, UHT milk, sponge puddings, sugar and tinned meat are particularly required at present but any tinned and packet food is welcome plus tea and coffee.  Please leave donated items at the back of the church at Our Lady and St. Peter’s and at St. Bernard’s.  Larger items, including duvets and clothes to be taken to OLSP, or taken directly to COH near Three Bridges in Crawley.  Tel: 01293 447702.  Alternatively, if you prefer, please leave a cash contribution in the basket and the SVP will purchase items on your behalf.  Thank you.

GATWICK DETAINEES WELFARE GROUP –  desparately needs medium sized trousers and trainers size 9 & 10.

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